Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet baby, born at home last month.

What an accomplishment! I love this picture because it shows the sweat on my brow, the freshness of the baby, and the sheer exhileration of the whole experience! I DID IT! I couldn't believe it really happened. Elizabeth was born at home, in our bed after an insanely intense hour of labor. Praise God!
I really love this man.
My sweet friend Erin came to help Marc when we thought Elizabeth was going to be born before the midwives got here. She was so completely thrilled to have made it and cut the cord, too.
First time nursing.
Jo, one of the midwives, with Glenda looking over her shoulder. These two missed the birth, but Kim made it with 5 whole minutes to spare!
I couldn't have picked a better husband. Gosh I love that guy.
I just can't believe how cute this baby is.
Daddy came right after the birth, and just climbed in the bed and watched us. There's no way a Poppy could lay beside his daughter and new grand daughter at a hospital birth. I love him, too.
Would you just *look* at those cute little chubby arms??? 11 lbs 14 ounces of pure baby chub.